Current investment projects in Ukraine


In Kramatorsk the second phase of a regional solid waste landfill has started its work

In Kramatorsk the second phase of a regional solid waste landfill has started its work: three maps with a total area of 12 hectares are built using modern French technology that protects the soil from contamination of the filtrate. Construction budget is 132 million UAH.

Beside Kramatorsk such modern solid waste landfills will soon start working in Volnovakha, Kurakhovo and Nikolsky district.


Composting station in Lviv


The new composting station will start operating in Lviv next year and special organic waste will be installed in addition to usual waste containers. A separate garbage truck was allocated and 3 mobile composters were purchased for that purpose. It is also proposed to make changes to the landscaping programs of the city of Lviv in terms of the use of the resulting compost.


The composting station will be operational in the first half of 2019. It can process 30,000 tons of organic waste per year.


Lviv comprehensively solves the issues of MSW management. In two years, the city will build modern waste recycling plant with European technology for mechanical and biological waste treatment, conduct landfill reclamation and introduce a new waste management system. It will include sorting of dry and wet waste, secondary raw materials and the arrangement of separate sites for collecting electronics, bulky and construction refuse. For these purposes, the city received a 25 mln from the EBRD, 10 mln euro grant - irrevocable financial assistance from environmental funds. The contribution of the city - 6.75 mln euro.




Biogas station at the Kropyvnitsky landfill


A biogas station  will be installed at a municipal solid waste landfill of Kropivnitskyfor 1.5 mln euro. The technical realization of the project will take about 10 months.
According to licensed conditions, landfills in Ukraine should be equipped with a degassing system by 1 January 2020.



Degasation of the Lviv MSW Landfill

Lviv City Council has announced a competition for the construction and operation of a degassing system for a municipal solid waste landfill in the village of Velyka Gribovychi.



Construction of a 6 MW biogas plant for 15 mln Euro

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD provides a loan of up to €15 million to I&U Group, a vertically integrated agricultural holding engaged in crop farming and sugar production, to finance the development, construction and operation of a 6 MW biogas plant located in the Kirovohrad region.
Feedstock will include beet pulp, corn silage, chicken litter, pig and cattle manure. Residues from the biogas process will be used as biofertilisers. The project will result in a total reduction of 24,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.
I&U Group plans to commission the facility in December 2019. Ultimately, the company hopes to increase capacity up to 20 MW.



Use of SRF fuel in cement plants of Ukraine


State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine (SAEE) and the Ukrainian Cement Manufacturers Association Ukrcement have begun cooperation to stimulate the implementation of energy efficient projects, including using alternative fuels made from waste for cement furnaces.


The highest energy efficiency of waste disposal in the form of SRF fuel with low ecological load on the environment is achieved by its combustion in the furnaces of cement plants during the production of clinker.


It is also planned to process the possibilities of creating a legislative field to stimulate cement production with the use of SRF fuel through regulation of financial burden on business through partial state compensation of the cost of implemented energy saving projects through financial and credit institutions of Ukraine.



Feasibility study of wastesorting line in Khmelnitskyi

According to results of the tender Economy management department of Khmelnitskyi city council entered the contract with state enterprise “Scientific Research and Technical-Engineering Institute of Municipal Economy” on design of feasibility study of MSW recycling complex construction (wastesorting lines, in the course of which it is planned to extract raw materials or finished products from solid waste).

The cost of the planned construction of the complex is going to be from UAH 526 million to UAH 676 million.

Besides, since the beginning of 2018, the landfill degassing process has been launched in Khmelnitsky and the “Ecobus” project has been implemented to collect hazardous household waste. Also the real waste sorting is maintained in the town. Today, about 100 containers for PET bottles collecting and 24 containers for glass collecting have been installed.


New landfill in the Volyn region


The new landgill will be built in the city of Gorokhov in Volyn. The amount of the deal is about 17 million UAH. The new landfill is planned to be built before the end of 2019. The warranty period of its exploitation will be 10 years.


Waste Processing Complex near Dnipro

Construction of a waste recycling complex has started in Krasnopillya near the Dnipro city. After sorting the processed waste will be pressed into dry briquettes, designed for long storage and subsequent use as fuel at the incineration plant. Equipment for sorting and pressing is already on the way. The complex should be opened till 2020.



Waste recycling plant will be built in Kyiv


The mayor of Kyiv Vitaliy Klitschko has announced it once again. The enterprise will have the capacity of over 420 thousand tons/year and should be built within nearest 2-3 years.



Landfill and sorting line construction in Dnipro


The capacilty of new landfill is 800 thousand tons of waste, total area - 6-7 hectares. Also a sorting line will be built nearby. The cost of the construction  is more than 70 mln UAH.



Engineering of MSW landfill in Cherkasy region has begun

Architecture and urban planning department of Cherkasy city council entered into a contract with Gafsa Ltd. on engineering works valued at more than 1 mil. UAH, related to construction of MSW landfill in the district of Ruska Poliana village.

Reconstruction of MSW landfill in Kyiv region

A tender valued at 4.8 mil. UAH for reconstruction of a landfull number 5 in Pidhirtsi village of Obukhiv district of Kyiv region was announced. The customer is PAO Kyivspetstrans. The winner has to liquidate emergencies and cover landfill maps.

Construction of MSW landfills in Kramatorsk and Volnovakha

The construction company Eterna will carry out a set of works on geomembrane buildup on the construction of 1 turn MSW landfill in Kramatorsk. Value of works is about 2.3 mil. UAH.
PAO Khozkhimservis will receive more than 51 mil. UAH on construction of regional municipal solid waste landfill of 10 hectares in southeastern part of Volnovakha in Donetsk region.
Customer is Communal Enterprise “Donetsk regional center of waste management”.

New MSW landfill in Ivano-Frankivsk region

New construction of MSW landfill, valued at more than 73 mil. UAH and which will be equipped with waste sorting line, will take place in natural boundary “Smittiezvalka” in Broshnev-Osada village of Rozhniativ district in Ivano-Frankivsk region. Customer: Department of Building, Housing and Utilities, Urban Planning and Architecture of Ivano-Frankivsk Regional State Administration. Constructor: PMK – 77 (

Zaporizhzhia City Council plans to construct new landfill in Vasylivka

More than 22 mil. UAH from the budget is planned to be spent on 1 turn MSW landfill in Vasylivka of Zaporizhzhia region.
BK Evrobudgrup, Vohnetryvavtomatykabudservis, Lada Ltd., Budivelnik 2013 take part in tender.

Dnipro purchased 6 thousand waste containers

Communal Enterprise “UREA” received 3 thousand containers of Polish company Contenur and 3 thousand containers of German company ESE. Value of purchase is around 46 mil. UAH.

Kharkiv receives 11 modern waste collection vehicles

Communal enterprise “Complex for solid waste removal” of Kharkiv city council will spend more than 40 mil. UAH on purchasing of modern waste collection vehicles, namely 6 waste collection vehicles with capacity of 15 cubic meters, 4 waste collection vehicles with capacity of 8 cubic meters and one telescopic loader. Provider of this equipment is PAO “Modern trucks”.

Containers for Donetsk region

Ecology Department of Donetsk Regional State Administration plans to purchase 1500 containers for glass and 1500 containers for plastic, approximately valued at 27,9 mil. UAH. Containers will be used by waste collection vehicles with rear loading option.

Budshliakhmash plans to supply Odesa with 4 new waste collection vehicles

Communal enterprise “City roads” from Odesa will spend more than 19 mil. UAH on new waste collection vehicles. The winner of the tender, in which companies Alfateks and AvtoKRAZ also took part, is Budshliakhmash.

Mariupol will receive 6 IVECO waste collection vehicles

Communal enterprise “Komunalnyk” of Mariupol city council will purchase 6 waste collection vehicles with capacity of 8 cubic meters of HIDRO-MAK systems from PAO “Modern trucks”. Value of contract is 19, 9 mil. UAH.

 Waste sorting station with a capacity of 100 thousand tons per year is being built in Kozyatin city, Vinnitsa region

 As a part of the waste management program, the regional and local authorities allocated funds for the purchase of a waste collection vehicle and containers. In total, Vinnitsa plans to build six waste sorting stations.

Currently one waste sorting line is under construction. Capacity - more than 100 thousand tons per year, which will allow processing not only household waste of the city, but also settlements of the region.


A sorting station is planned to be bought in Lutsk

The sorting line with a capacity of not less than 50 thousand tons of waste in a year can recycle about 12-15 tons of waste in an hour. City council has already announced the presentation of tender offers for purchase of lifting and handling equipment. According to the plans, the wasterecycling line, which costs about 6 million UAH, will be transferred to Lutsk until 1st of June 2018.



Ivano-Frankivsk plans on modernisation of the MSW landfill

 In 2018 the wastesorting station will be installed on the municipal landfill of Ivano-Frankivsk and the municipal solid waste sealing machines will be bought. Also building completion of the stationary filtrate line is planned (in 2017 two million UAH were spent on filtrate export).


Lviv Regional State Administration bought three wastesorting lines

 The amount of the deal is 16,4 million UAH. The tender was implemented on the public procurement portal Prozorro. The line installation will be carried out within the month from the day of delivery.


MSW recycling facilty with biogas production will be built in Kharkiv city

As the mayor of Kharkov Gennady Kernes said, a contract for the amount of $ 26.7 million was already signed and a credit line for 44 million was agreed in the project for the processing of solid waste. Construction will begin in February 2018.



Construction of a waste recycling plant in Borispyl (Kyiv region)


The plant will have a capacity of 100 thousand tons of waste per year  and its launch is planned in 2020. The total cost of the project is $ 20 million.


Agroholding will build biogas plant for 25 million euro

The 10 MW plant will use waste from existing poultry facilities in the Vinnitsa region. The loan will be provided by the EBRD.


A plant for production of biogas from agricultural waste
has been opened in Donetsk region

The plant's capacity is 1.5 MW. The total cost of the project is 5.4 million euro (incl. 4, 2 million euro - a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development).



Construction of modern waste recycling plant in Kropyvnytskyi

Kropyvnytskyi city council officially gave permission on development of a project dedicated to the construction of a modern waste recycling plant.

The total investment is estimated at 17 million euros and construction is expected to be completed in one year.

According to preliminary data, the plant will recycle food waste and sort the secondary raw materials. The output is planned to receive RDF – 35%, compost ­– 25% and pressed materials for further recycling (metal, plastic, paper) – 40%.



The biogas station with a capacity of 500 kW
started working at the Rivne landfill

The first in the region biogas station with a capacity of 500 kW started working at the Rivne landfill. 2,5 mln of cubic metres of biogas will be mined annualy, from which more than 4 mln kW/h of electro energy will be produced.

The construction is realised by the group of companies “Ukrteplo”. Construction budget is 20 mln UAH.


Polish company intend to build a waste recycling plant in Kharkiv region

The capacity of the complex is 400 thousand tons per year, investments are around 27 mln US dollars.

The complex will be consisted of subsystems for waste collection, sorting and recycling, utilization of landfill gas, power lines and also a landfil for non-recyclable waste.


Donetsk region allocates UAH 367 million for waste management in 2017

 This was announced by Director of Ecology and Natural Resources Department Sergei Natrus during a speech at the board of Donetsk Regional State Administration about the approval of the corresponding program, designed for 2016-2020.



Chernigov company will build a biogas plant in Lutsk

The company "Clear Energy" was the winner in the tender for degassing the garbage site near Lutsk. It will produce electricity from the extracted biogas.

This was discussed during the considering of infrastructure projects on improving the quality of the urban environment as part of the development of the Strategic Plan for the development of the city of Lutsk until 2030, "the correspondent reports.

Participation in the tender was taken by only one company - Clear Energy LLC. Accordingly, she was recognized as the winner.

It is planned to extract biogas from the garbage and, with the help of special equipment, to produce electricity from it.

According to the deputy mayor of Lutsk Grigory Nedozhoga, the contract will indicate the amount of the earnings the company will invest in the city. These are things that will improve the ecological situation in the city, for example, garbage containers.

Most likely, production will begin by the end of this year.



It is planned to launch six waste sorting stations in Vinnitsa region by the end of 2017

"Now it is planned to build six sorting stations in the region and we urgently need to build several processing plants," said the chairman of the Vinnytsia regional council Anatoly Oliynyk.
He also recalled that the Vinnytsia region - the only among other regions of Ukraine received a grant for the implementation of a joint project with the Italian side in the field of waste management, entitled "Capacity building and transfer of knowledge to improve and improve professional skills in waste management in Vinnitsa region " in 2015. The total cost of the project won is 79,714 euros, grants - 39755 euros, the rest - the own contribution of the project participants. This project will be implemented until August 31, 2017.



In Ukraine, there will be built 10 plants for processing waste into fuel

The developer and construction company "Company" TMM "- LLC (Kiev) plans to purchase a license worth USD1.5-2 million for the use of technology of gasification of domestic waste and prepares the projects of ten plants in Ukraine.

According to Nikolai Tolmachyov, General Director of TMM, the cost of constructing a garbage processing plant with gasification technology of 100 thousand tons capacity will be USD100 million. The company also counts on the support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the European Investment Bank.


In Kamenets-Podolsk it is intended to produce gas at a local landfill - 25 cubic meters per hour

In Kamenets-Podolsk it is intended to produce gas at a local solid waste landfill.
The results of test studies conducted by the Institute of Gas of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine were encouraging, the Voice of Ukraine reports.

According to Stanislav Kubenko, the director of the Institute of Gas of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the general director of the scientific and industrial company INGAS, the process of biogas extraction was good.

It is expected that the Institute of Gas will provide more accurate conclusions in a few weeks. "Experts will determine the equipment that is needed to be installed, it will take several months to develop the project," Stanislav Kubenko said. "If everything works out, a biogas station will be installed in the dump in autumn."



Biogas complex of 600 kW is going to be built in the municipal landfill of Sumy city

As the director of the Institute "Ekostandart", Sumy city council deputy Dmitry Nataluha says, project of landfill degasification and recycling of the resulting biogas in electricity implements lnc Energy, reports the newspaper "Your chance".

"In early March, representatives of investors surveyed landfill in the village of Bobryk and made conclusions: the object is good, but you still need to drill wells for completeness - the director of the Institute" Ekostandart tells" - Big minus - lack of electricity at the landfill. "

In late May, the company lnc Energy met with technical director "Sumyoblenergo" explained Dmitry Nataluha. "Connecting to the biogas complex, which builds Oblenergo, will cost 5 million 273 thousand hryvnias - says the expert. - Now investors is thinking. "

Biogas complex of 600 kW worth 400 thousand euros, notes Dmitry Nataluha.

"After two unsuccessful attempts to have company "Ozone "and AEU as investors - I lost hope, but guys from lnc Energy very steep - says the deputy of Sumy city council, which is at the invitation of shareholders attended the biogas plants in the village Pidhirtsi and landfill Boryspil. - Company projects are implemented solely through private investment from the United States and financial relations with following formula: produced gas is processed into electricity, which is sold under the "green" tariff - 10% of revenue at the end of each month receives a municipality. "

Now in Ukraine there are five biogas systems, the sixth is being constructed in Cherkassy.


In the Kharkiv region 53 hectares were allocated for a complex for processing solid waste and landfill gas collection systems.

On Kharkiv oblast 53 hectares were allocated for a complex for processing solid waste and landfill gas collection systems
On the territory of the Dergachevsky district of the Kharkiv region, 53.5049 hectares were allocated for the construction of a complex for the processing of solid domestic waste with a system for collecting, utilizing landfill gas and generating electricity.



 The Austrians intend to build a garbage processing plant in Radekhov

The Austrian private enterprise Gigajoule intends to build a garbage processing plant on the municipal solid waste landfill in Radekhov (Lviv region).
The complex, which will receive 25,000 tons of waste per year, will be built in the framework of the pilot project, according to the website of the Radekhiv City Council.
The plant will utilize garbage exclusively from the town of Radekhov and the district where up to 50,000 people live - the increase in processing volumes and the area of the territory from which SHW will be imported will not be considered.
As investors note, the garbage processing plant will make the territory of the solid waste landfill site clean and aesthetically attractive.



 In Lviv region an investor for a garbage processing plant is being chosen

Three companies applied for the competition.

 The winner of the tender for the construction of a waste treatment plant in the Lviv region will be announced next week. This was reported after the meeting of the competitive commission by its head, deputy head of the Lviv Regional State Administration Irina Grymak.

 "Next week we will announce the results of the competition, after which there will be a presentation of the project and public hearings on the construction of the waste processing complex, then we will start the process of tapping the land and try to make it as short as possible," she said.

 During the meeting, three contestants presented their projects for waste processing complexes.

 In particular, the company IEK proposes to build a plant for incineration of waste at the site in the village of Bronita, Drohobych district. According to her representative, as a result of thermal processing of waste will produce electrical and thermal energy. The company plans to process 115,000 tons of waste per year from five districts of the region - Drohobych, Sambir, Starosamborsk, Skolivsky and Turkivsky. The cost of the plant is 55-65 million euros.

 The company Veyst Management Systems in cooperation with its Polish investors plans to build a plant in the Nikolaevsky district of the plant for processing waste using bio-drying technology followed by the production of RDF-fuel. The cost of the plant, capable of processing 240,000 tons of waste per year, the company estimates at 89.5 million euros.

  Glasswork technology LTD also claims the same site. According to the representative of the company, she is ready to build an incineration plant capable of receiving 350,000 tons of waste per year. The cost of the plant is 96.5 million euros. Investors plan to produce waste from heat and electricity.

 Croatian company Tehnix plans to build a waste sorting plant in Cherkassy.



Croatian company is going to build a waste sorting plant in Cherkassy

Every day it plans to process about 200 tons of garbage, make compost and RDF-fuel for cement factories. Next to the plant, entrepreneurs want to build a solar power plant with a capacity of 8 megawatts.
The customer of the construction is the Cherkassy enterprise of OOO Eco-Che.
The project cost is 17 million euros.
Equipment and technology is provided by the Croatian company Tehnix.
The project is financed by the Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development (Hrvatska banka za obnovu i razvitak (HBOR)).



Waste incineration plant may appear in Chervonograd

The Chinese company Grand blue plans to build a disposal plant in the Lviv Region, Western Ukraine as press service of the Lviv Regional Administration reports.

The company representatives are going to build the plant with a capacity of 320 tons per day with the generation of the heat and electric energy. Oleg Synyutka the Head of the Lviv Administration emphasized that project development would take about 6 months and then the process of the harmonization of the documents would take place. Finally, the company would begin the building of the plant in Chervonograd.

The landslide of garbage occurred at Hrybovychi waste deposit in the Lviv Region on May 2016; 4 people died. The Region faced the serious problem of garbage disposal. A few times there were illegal tries to dispose Lviv trash to other regions of Ukraine.)



 In Vinnytsia a solid waste plant will be build, capacity of 120 m3 of waste per day

In Vinnytsia a solid waste plant will be built, capacity of 120 m3 of waste per day. The city Ilincy that in Vinnytsia region, began construction of a solid waste plant. As noted in City Hall, the facility will be located on the territory of municipal landfills and recycle 120 m3 of solid waste per day. The Regional Fund for Environmental Protection will allocate 3.5 million UAH for this porject.




The British company «Farston» intends to install a $ 35 million waste sorting line in Dnipro

 The British company «Farston» intends to install a $ 35 million waste sorting line in Dnipro and an anaerobic bioreactor to produce biogas from organic waste worth $ 15 million.

 As the Mayor Boris Filatov said: "A modern sorting line will be built, which will make it possible for investors to earn valuable components withdrawn from solid domestic waste. The organic fraction, which in Dnipro is 25-30% per cent depending on the season, will be processed in an anaerobic bioreactor and biogas will be produced, which will be sold for sale or incinerated in an installation for generating electricity. "

 The project will allow the processing of up to 200,000 tons of garbage per year in Dnipro.

 In addition, investors are ready to consider the issue of additional capital investments for the purchase of an incinerator module.

 Due to improper sorting of waste, Dnipro can not yet switch to complete waste disposal, notes Boris Filatov. "The investor with whom we discussed this problem is interested in establishing the entire production chain," - the mayor said. "We already have a preliminary agreement on giving the city $ 2 million on a leasing terms for the purchase of garbage trucks."



Kropiwnicki invests in separate collection of waste, modernization of waste sorting line and composting of agricultural waste UAH 650 000

Kropiwnicki invests in separate collection of waste, modernization of waste sorting line and composting of agricultural waste UAH 650 000.

 This is stated in the Program of nature protection measures of local significance for 2017, approved by the City Council. In particular, to purchase eurocontainers for separate waste collection, 100 thousand UAH will be allocated, 500 thousand UAH will be allocated for the modernization of the waste sorting line, and 50 thousand UAH will be spent on organizing the site for vermiculture of agricultural production waste "KATP-1128".




An intention to build a plant for decontamination of solid household waste in Odessa

There is an intention to build a plant for decontamination of solid household waste at the range of "Dalnitsky Career", Odessa. Funds for the project (about 3, 5 million dollars) will be allocated from the city budget. The defender of the mayor of Odessa, Pavel Vugelman, said that they are talking exactly about the waste degassing plant, and not the garbage recycling enterprise. Although in the construction of the plant was interested many investors, including foreign ones, despite the short payback period, it wast decided to implement the project for budgetary funds. Earlier, the readiness to build a garbage recycling plant in Odessa and a complex for degassing waste to 25 million dollars were announced by South Korean investors, with whom a memorandum of cooperation was signed.




Mukacheve intends to build a waste sorting line and a landfill gas production facility

By the end of the summer Mukacheve intends to build a waste sorting line and an installation for the extraction of landfill gas. The facilities will be built at the local testing site of the enterprise that will be created by Commercial Enterprise "Clean City" and the company "ABE". As the Mayor of Mukachevo Andrew Baloga said, the project worth about 15-16 million UAH will pay off in 4 years. In addition, a biogas processing plant will also be built at the dump."



One waste sorting station operates in the Vinnitsa region - another seven are being prepared for operation

In Vinnytsia region, one waste sorting line operates - in the village of Stadnica - seven more are being prepared for commissioning. As Vasily Pivovar, Deputy Chairman of the State Administration noted, a garbage recycling complex for the disposal of domestic waste is now being formed in the region: "Today we actively organize collection, transportation, sorting, processing and disposal of garbage, as the law on the prohibition of storage of unprocessed wastes will enter into force on January 1, Says the official. "The technology of separate collection of solid household waste in 21 settlements of the region where glass, polymers, iron and paper is being sampled is partially introduced."



More than 160 underground landfills will be installed in Kiev

In 2017, more than 165 underground containers for household waste will be installed in the central part of Kiev.


Газета "Хрещатик"


On the central streets of the Dnipro underground waste containers will be installed

Underground containers for waste, as well as special equipment for washing them, will appear on the central streets of the Dnipro soon. Deputy Mayor of the Dnipro Mikhail Lysenko said that underground containers will be located in the center of the city on all the red lines:

"The design documentation for the equipment has already been developed, which will serve both ground and underground containers. In addition, it is planned to purchase three garbage trucks that will be able to wash containers - this will be done in the city for the first time. We plan to start all work this year. "


Дніпровська міська рада

In Kiev, it is planned to build two garbage processing plants

Mayor of Kiev Vitaly Klichko said in an interview about the negotiations on the construction of two garbage processing plants in the capital. One of them is planned to be located closer to Kiev, and the second - at the landfill, where garbage is exported. Negotiations should be completed this year. Another half or two years will go to start the plants. In addition, Kiev intends to modernize the waste-processing plant "Energy". Also, Klitschko announced the installation of "drowned" garbage cans in the historic center of Kiev this spring.


Радіо Свобода

In 2016 in Lviv, 36 thousand mercury-containing lamps were disposed

According to the environmental management department of Lviv, the State Enterprise "Bondarovka" recycled 10099 mercury-containing lamps from physical and 26100 from legal entities.


In the first quarter of 2017, SE Bondarovka plans to assemble and process about 50,000 lamps from legal entities and 5,000 from Lviv. In Lviv, the line for the processing of mercury energy-saving lamps on the basis of the city CHP-2 (125, Plastova Street) was launched in October 2015. So far the only installation in Ukraine of such type is capable of processing 200 kg of waste electronic waste per hour.




The construction of a waste processing plant will begin in Kharkov next month

 It was announced on February 1 by the first deputy of the Kharkov mayor Igor Terekhov. According to him, it will be an enterprise with a closed cycle. The investor of the project is the World Bank. To date, the design and estimate documentation has already been developed and approved, the winners of the tenders have been determined.




The united community in Kherson region will install a sorting station for 13 300 000 UAH

 By the end of 2017, the united territorial community with the center in the village of Muzykavka of the Belozersky district of Kherson region will install a garbage collection and sorting station at a cost of 13,300,000 hryvnia. Installation capacity of more than 1.4 thousand tons of solid domestic waste per year will be launched in the framework of the project, which is implemented at the expense of regional and local budgets.




An incinerator plant for € 200 million will be built in Kiev

 In Kiev, next to the station of CHPP-6, a new incineration plant will be built for € 200 million.

 According to the deputy chairman of the KCSA Petr Panteleev, "The plant that will produce heat by burning garbage will significantly reduce the cost of recycling, which ultimately will have a positive effect on tariffs." It is assumed that the new enterprise will be able to utilize only 300 thousand tons of domestic waste.

 "In this case, we are talking about burning garbage," said Pyotr Panteleyev, "However, we will simultaneously build more processing capacities, because now Kiev produces 1200,000 tons of garbage a year."




Polish company will build a garbage processing plant in Chernigov that does not require burning and sorting of garbage

 In Chernigov, is going to be build an absolutely non-toxic waste-processing plant, whose work does not involve burning and preliminary sorting of garbage, which means that the city can save on the installation of additional containers. The new technology of rubbish recycling was offered by the Polish side, and the Mayor of Chernigov Vladislav Atroshenko has already accepted it.

 As one of the investors, the chairman of the board of JSC H. Cegielski-Poznan S.A. (Republic of Poland) Wojciech Węczlavek, the shredded wastes are first pawned in a kind of vacuum "thermos", where they will be smeared with a steam with a temperature of 120 degrees Celsius. After that, rubbish loses an unpleasant smell, up to 60% of water and decreases in volume.

 In another shop, trash will be sorted (for example, a magnet will take away the iron), and then it will be turned into 8 different substances for recycling. The resulting biomass can be used as fuel, or in agriculture. Non-toxic residues (stones, etc.) are estimated to be 5-8% and will be disposed of separately.

 By this patented technology, 2-3 projects have been created. In particular, such a plant is in the city of Poznan, Wielkopolska province. According to preliminary estimates, the maximum cost of a garbage processing plant will be 35 million euros. After 10 years of payment, the company will become the property of the city. The Polish delegation, together with the mayor, had already inspected suitable land plots for the construction of the plant.




Batteries from Rivne are sent for processing to France

 Batteries and accumulators from the Rivne region are sent for recycling to France - the plant of Tredi SA.

 Batteries need special treatment for neutralization. Since no Ukrainian plant has a license to dispose used power sources, the partner of the action - the company Sigmas Ekologi - is transporting collected hazardous waste abroad.

 The company Tredi SA, specializing in the disposal of hazardous chemical waste, has considerable experience in this field and is considered one of the leading in Europe.


Рівненська обласна рада


Lviv partially switched to landfills of closed type

 In Lviv, in the territory of the Galitsky district, trash containers of closed type for glass, recyclables (paper, plastic, metal) and mixed garbage were installed. The new containers instead of ground open tanks for glass, plastic, paper and other wastes began to be installed from December 1, 2010, as part of a pilot project designed to change the collection system for solid waste.


Львівський портал


The first sorting line was installed in Lviv

 In Lviv, a sorting line was installed, which can receive 20% of the solid household waste produced by the regional center during the day.

Equipment for sorting garbage in the territory of the factory "Lvivkhimsilmash" in the industrial zone of Ryasne-2 was assembled by the company "West Resource Plus".

 The waste sorting line will be able to send paper, glass and plastic for recycling. The rest of the waste will have to be buried at specialized landfills. As the experts note, the opening of the sorting line will not stop the implementation of the project for the construction of a complex for deep waste processing in the framework of cooperation with the European Investment Bank.



 The waste sorting line in the Czech project began to operate in Khmelnytskyi

 Recently, a sorting, collection and processing line for secondary raw materials began operating near the Khmelnitsky dump. Its capacity is 120 thousand tons per year. The construction of the waste sorting line after the Czech project was handled by a private company.

 "Now the sorting capacity of the enterprise is one thousand cubic meters of waste per day," notes the owner of the sorting line, private entrepreneur Alexander Slyusar. "We plan to expand the capacities, put an additional sorting line, so that we can process the city's household waste at our enterprise 100%."




A preliminary agreement has been signed for the construction of sorting, recycling and biogas facilities. The volume of investments is 25 million dollars. Investor - OHB Holding, South Korea.


The European Investment Bank Group invests 5 million dollars separate collection project in Kiev.


The construction of a pilot landfill in Bogodukhov, capacity of 70,000 cubic meters of waste sorting and bio-recycling volumes. The project includes construction of 11 such complexes in the Kharkiv region.

Also the World Bank has announced building a waste recycling plant for 44 million dollars.


The Swedish company «ECOENERGY SCANDINAVIA HOLDING AB» and the Chinese company «CHINA WESTERN POWER INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD» have announced the plant constructing project which will produce energy from biomass and waste processing plant in Zhitomir region.


The South Korean company «Daewon GSI» will invest 33.5 million US dollars in building biomass power plants of 10 MW.

Ferroplan Companies and Ecological System Solutions will invest 25 million dollars in building the waste recycling plant.


Lone Star International Company is ready to built a processing plant for solid and industrial waste. The amount of investments is to 400 million dollars.