Confirmed participants 16.08.19

1.All.WM River Group (Ukraine) - Recycling of secondary raw materials

ECOTEK-OIL (Ukraine) - Waste recycling

 Ukrainian waste paper company - Collection and sale of secondary raw materials

 Obuhovgortorresources (Ukraine) - Collection, sorting, processing of MSW and secondary raw materials

Smartex (Ukraine) - Engineering in the field of processing hydrocarbon waste, organics, plastic

 Alternative energy vector (Ukraine) - Energy saving in waste processing technologies and in other industries

NEW Exhibitors:

Waste Paper Trade (The Netherlands) - Recycling of paper and plastic waste

Industrial enterprises:

 HeidelbergCement Ukraine - Cement production

New Products Group (Ukraine) - Food production

 Bilotserkivskii mechanical plant (Ukraine) - Production and sale of collection / removal equipment

Local authorities:

 Ternopil Regional State Administration (Ukraine)

Mariupol City Council (Ukraine)

Confirmed participants 09.08.19

1.All.WM O.ZERO (Ukraine) - Public organization

 Envitec (Ukraine) - Design, development and installation of equipment and systems for the industrial waste water treatment / biogas plants for agriculture and food industry

 Experimental Design-Technological Office of the E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Ukraine) - Development of technologies and equipment for electric welding

 Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production Centre (Ukraine) - Technical consulting of industrial enterprises

 Specmetalindustrіya (Ukraine) - Metal processing

 JOSTRA Ltd (Lithuania) - Consultancy services for environmental protection (waste & wastewater), energy, IT, tourism and culture

AcademResourceEnergyProject (Ukraine) - Problem-solving institute for resource- and energy- saving technologies (engineering institution). High-ROI systems for: utilization of waste from: coal combustion, recovered coal preparation, limestone recovery etc.; MSWaste incineration without dioxines; binding and granulation of dust.

 AGROTRADE (Ukraine) - Agribusiness

 Meledom Traders (Food Cycler) (Ukraine \ Canada) - Food waste disposal

 Sygnet Holding (Ukraine) - Agribusiness

 Biteco (Italy) - Construction of biogas plants (representative office in Ukraine)

 Institute of Industrial Ecology (Ukraine) - Research institution

AKROS (Ukraine) - Hazardous waste management

Industrial enterprises:

CRH Ukraine (PJSC Podilskyi Cement) (Ukraine) - Cement production

 Konvi-Pak (Ukraine) - Paper Packaging

 Danone Ukraine - Food production

 Interstarch Ukraine, LLC - Modified Starches Production

 DTEK Ukraine - Vertically integrated energy company

Local authorities:

 Chernihiv city council (Ukraine)

 Korsun-Shevchenko City Council (Ukraine)

Belgorod - Dniestrovskii City Council (Ukraine)

Municipal utilities:

 Industrial housing repair and maintenance department, Korsun-Shevchenkovsky city - MSW collection and transportation services

Avtotransservise, Belgorod-Dniestrovskii city - MSW collection and transportation services

 Volynenergosoft - Energy and heating provider

VR Company - MSW transportation services

SEMINAR "Reforming of the waste management system in Donetsk region. Positive experience and development perspectives"


We invite you to visit a SEMINAR dedicated to "Reforming of the waste management system in Donetsk region. Positive experience and development perspectives"

Оrganizer: Donetsk Regional State Administration, Department of Ecology

Date: 9 October 2019 (II Exhibition day)

Seminar topics:

● Cooperation with international organizations in the process of reforming the waste management system in Donetsk region and the selection of optimal solutions

Strategic planning in the process of reforming the waste management system in the Donetsk region

The main provisions of the Waste Management Program in Donetsk region for 2016-2020

Positive experience and prospects of the waste management system development in Donetsk region

Confirmed participants 02.08.19

1.All.WM International Finance Corporation

 Weglo Stal (Poland) - MSW leachate treatment

 F.X. Meiller (Ukraine) - Manufacturer of machinery for the construction and waste management industries

 Tomra Sorting (Germany) - Optical sorting equipment

 Scientific and manufacturing firm "Prodecologia" (Ukraine) - Production and sale of equipment for sorting, recycling, disposal

NEW Exhibitors:

 SETCleanTech (Solid Environmental Technologies Oy) (Finland) - Complex waste recycling and Waste to Energy projects

 SIGMA S.A. (Poland) - Waste sorting technologies

 Hüffermann Transportsysteme GmbH (Germany) - Manufacturer of truck trailers for skip and roll-off/on containers

Local authorities:

Pokrovsk City Council of Donetsk Region (Ukraine)

Chernihiv Regional State Administration (Ukraine)

Confirmed participants 29.07.19

1.All.WM ReThink NGO (Ukraine) - Public organization

 DTEK KYIV GRIDS PrSC (Ukraine) - Distribution system operator

Ferroplan (Finland) - Waste sorting and recycling

 Arzinger Law Office (Ukraine) - Law firm

NEW Exhibitor:

 ELKOPLAST CZ (Ukraine) - Supplier of containers and other products for waste collection, sorting and transportation

Local authorities:

 Ecology and Natural Resources Department of Donetsk Regional State Administration (Ukraine)

 Department of Housing and Communal Services of Ivano-Frankivsk (Ukraine)

Municipal utilities:

KOSTOPILKOMUNSERVIS (Ukraine) - Services on collection and removal of solid waste

Confirmed participants 19.07.19

1.All.WM RegionsTrade (Ukraine) - Disposal of MSW

I.FRANTZIS and ASSOCIATES Ltd. (Greece) - Technical consulting, design and project management for environmental protection and waste management

Adicomp (Italy) - Compressors' supplier, biogas technologies, radioactive waste management

HSM GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) - Developer and manufacturer of baling presses, equipment for the destruction (crushing) of paper and electronic media

Public Organization "No Waste" (Ukraine)

Hazardous Waste Disposal Companies Association (Ukraine) - Association

Hodna environment and recycling (Algeria) - Hazardous and municipal waste management

Local authorities:

Berdyansk City Council (Ukraine)

Novopolotsk City Executive Committee (Belarus)

Municipal utilities:

Biomehzavod household resources (Belarus) - Sorting and recycling of waste

Kyivspectrans (Ukraine) - Services for waste transportation, utilization and recycling

Confirmed participants 12.07.19

1.All.WM lnd thumbFFU Production (Ukraine) - Recycling of used tires and the production of artificial grass

Waste Tech Management (Libya) - Services for sorting, recycling and disposal of waste

KESZ-UA Holding (Ukraine) - General contracting & construction company

Metal-Expert (Ukraine) - Information and Analytical Agency

Chem Courier (Ukraine) - Information and Analytical Agency

GEON RIVER (Ukraine, Chernihiv city) - Collecting and recycling cullet

UKRKOKS - Coke Manufacturers Association

ATC (Ukraine) - Consultations in the field of electronic documents management

Ecoresource (Ukraine) - Development of environmental documentation in Ukraine

Arzinger (Ukraine) - Legal services, business advocacy

Local authorities:

Kremenchug City Council

Odesa Regional Council

NEW Exhibitors:

Arjes-Ukraine - Manufacture and sale of equipment for the processing of primary and secondary raw materials, followed by its commissioning

Suzhou JONO Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. (China) - Supplier of technologies and services for solid waste processing

Confirmed participants 27.06.19

1.All.WMCE Dobrobut Zvenigorod City Council (Ukraine) - Services for the collection and removal of solid waste

Storehouses Modernization Systems (Ukraine) - Equipment production

ORWAK (Sweden) - Waste pressing and compacting systems: compactors, packaging systems, briquetting presses

Modern Trans (Ukraine) - Logistics

● UtilAgroMedProm (Ukraine) - Disposal of hazardous waste

● Odessa State Interregional Specialized Works (Ukraine) - Cargotec Ukraine co-exhibitor. Sorting, recycling, disposal services

● Fincont OY (Finland) - Cargotec Ukraine co-exhibitor

● Ophi Production (Finland)Cargotec Ukraine co-exhibitor

Confirmed participants 21.06.19

1.All.WMVtorresursy3 (Ukraine) - Collection and processing of secondary raw materials

Eco-Service (Ukraine) - MSW transportation

Polymer-Engineering (Ukraine) - Equipment supply

NEW exhibitors:

RIKO RT (Ukraine) - Production and sale of equipment for sorting / processing / recycling

Industrial enterprises:

Azovstal Iron & Steel Works (Metinvest) (Ukraine) - Mining and Metallurgical Complex

Avdiivka Coke Plant (Metinvest) (Ukraine) - Mining and Metallurgical Complex

Local authorities:

Goscha City Council (Ukraine)

Klevansky City Council (Ukraine)

Municipal utilities:

CE Toloka, Fastov city (Ukraine) - Services for the collection and removal of solid waste

Pochaev Combine Utilities (Ukraine) - Services for the collection, storage, removal and disposal of solid waste

Ecoservice of Kalush city council (Ukraine) - Services for the collection, removal and disposal of solid waste

Confirmed participants 14.06.19

1.All.WM Ukrwaterchannell (Ukraine) - Design of objects of the communal industry

Marubeni Corporation (Japan) - Universal trading company

Eco Standart 10 (Ukraine) - Waste management

 Municipal Development Institute (Ukraine) - Consulting

NEW Exhibitors:

 Cargotec Ukraine (Ukraine) - Supplier of lifting equipment for the collection and transportation of waste

Budshlyakhmash (Ukraine) - Supplier of road, construction, municipal vehicles and spare parts

G&G Partners (Italy) - Manufacturer of textile geomembranes from HDPE (high density polyethylene) for use in the construction of MSW landfills

Confirmed participants 10.06.19

1.All.WM Ukrvtorenergoresurs (Ukraine) - Sorting and disposal of safe solid household waste

Reline (Ukraine) - Manufacture of metal constructions and equipment for sorting and processing of garbage

Desna-2 (Ukraine) - MSW landfill

Utylita (Ukraine) - Cullet sorting

Ekovtortrans (Ukraine) - MSW transportation

Municipal utilities:

Bar-Blagoustrii (Ukraine) - MSW management and sorting

Housing and Communal Services City Department of Chornomorsk City Council (Odessa region, Ukraine) - Residential buildings management

Confirmed participants 31.05.19

1.All.WM Transcontinental Energy Company (Ukraine) - Processing of carbonaceous organic waste

NIAR (Ukraine) - Sorting / recycling / disposal services

ТЕNТЕ Ukraine - Sale of wheels and wheel bearings

 Ekovtor Specialized Enterprise (Ukraine) - Engineering waste management, recycling household waste

Ecoenergy (Ukraine) - Development and implementation of innovative technologies in energy saving, renewable energy and processing of industrial wastes

Asbud-Ukraine - Equipment for waste compacting

 UkrEvroMAZ (Ukraine) - Equipment, Dealer MAZ, Dealer Vliv

 Akros (Ukraine) - Handling of hazardous waste

 Prodecologia (Ukraine) - Manufacture of waste recycling equipment

Municipal utilities:

 ATP Shevchenko district, Kyiv (Ukraine) - Collection and export of MSW services

 Berdyanskecotrans BGS (Ukraine) - Collection and export of MSW services

 Hrebinkivskyy Mill of Municipal Services (Ukraine) - Collection and export of MSW services

 Dnipropetrovsk waste management center (Ukraine) - Collection and removal of MSW services

 Dobrobut  of Novgorog Severskiy (Ukraine) - Collection and export of MSW services

 Druzhkovskoe Auto Transport Municipal Utility 0582805 (Ukraine) - Collection, transportation and removal of MSW services

 Kommunalnik, Mariupol city (Ukraine)Collection and export of MSW services

 Nykolaevkommuntrans (Ukraine) - Collection and export of MSW services

 Komunservis, Khorol city (Ukraine) - Collection and export of MSW services

 Sumyzhilkomservice (Ukraine) - Collection and export of MSW services

 District Communal Enterprise, Vyshgorod city (Ukraine) - Collection, transportation and removal of MSW services

 Eco-communtrans, Pavlograd city (Ukraine) - Collection and export of MSW services

 VZH REU, Korsun-Shevchenkivskyi (Ukraine) - Collection and export of MSW services

Local authorities:

 Korsun-Shevchenkivskyi City Council (Ukraine)

Confirmed participants 24.05.19

1.All.WM Clear Energy (Ukraine) - Municipal Solid Waste management

NBTR (Ukraine) - Complete utilization of solid waste landfills

Landfill, Mariupol city (Ukraine) - Landfill

Kramar-ECO (Ukraine) - Transportation, processing and recycling services

New confirmed Exhibitors:

Eggersmann (Germany) - Mobile and stationary machinery for recycling, composting, dosing, sorting, opening, shredding, screening and sifting, etc.

 OPE organic (Ukraine) - Partner of Eggersman in Ukraine. Full cycle of organic waste recycling into fertilizer with high content of active substance

Municipal utilities:


Blagoustroystvo, Yaremche city (Ukraine) - Municipal utility. Services for MSW collection, sorting, transportation and disposal

Kramatorsk Municipal Autotransport Company- 052810 (Ukraine) - Municipal utility. Services for MSW collection, transportation and disposal

Municipal Autotransport Utility 1728, Rivne city (Ukraine) - Collection and recycling of secondary raw materials

Such companies have already confirmed their participation in WM 2019:

1.All.WM Agroparitet - Trade in equipment and components

Discordia-Kiev - Logistics. Transportation

Develop Armenia NGO

Municipal utilities

Kremenchug City Communal Auto Transport Municipal Utility № 1628 - Services for MSW collection, transportation and disposal

KYIVTEPLOENERGO - Production of hot water and air-conditioned air

Industrial enterprises

PepsiCo Ukraine - Production of fruit and vegetable juices / soft drinks / crackers and snacks / Production of dairy products / baby food and dietary products

YUZKOKS - Industrial enterprise. Coke production

Zaporizhstal - Industrial enterprise. Metallurgical production


Alfa-Vet (Ukraine) - Drainage, sewage; Recycling and disposal of sludge and sludge

Adarco Invest Petrosani (Romania) - Supplier of equipment for sorting, processing, recycling

Construction Machinery (CML) (Ukraine) - Production and sale of equipment for sorting / recycling / disposal of solid waste

Global Recycling (Sweden) - Systems for utilization and baling, sorting lines for MSW

HWH Machines GmbH (Germany) - Manufacture and sale of equipment and machinery for waste and scrap handling

M-U-T Maschinen-Umwelttechnik-Transportanlagen GmbH (Austria) - Waste sorting and transfer stations, waste preparation  facilities with mechanical and biological process technologies for creation of compost, recycling materials, energy and secondary materials (RDF)

RIKO (Slovenia) - MSW utilization and processing; Water resources management; Renewable energy sources

PRESONA (Sweden) - Systems for utilization and baling, sorting lines for MSW

SUEZ (France) - Full range of sustainable resource management and turnkey environmental solutions: water and waste management

Technobalt (Estonia) - Design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of waste transfer stations, waste sorting lines and waste recycling plants for the production of RDF / SRF