COVID-19 - Protection measures

The expo will be held in accordance with all quarantine requirements and anti-pandemic measures:
• Temperature screening for all of the participants
• Mask mode
• Social distance
• Antiseptics availability
• Sufficient distance between stands
• Effective ventilation and air conditioning system
• Separate entrances and exits, visitor flow management

To make your participation safe, please follow the following recommendations:
- Register in advance and print your badge - this way you will avoid the queue when registering at the exhibition center
- Make sure you have no symptoms
- Bring a mask, gloves and antiseptic for your own use
- Use the mask correctly - it should cover your nose and mouth
- Avoid unnecessary touch of your face or mask with your hands, use gloves
- Keep a social distance, avoid close physical contact
- Use antiseptics to disinfect hands and personal belongings (phone, notebook, etc.)

Temperature screening and face mask are necessary measures for expo attendance!