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Ukrainian Environmental Alliance Association



Ukrecoalliance is the largest Association of enterprises for utility services and waste management in Ukraine.
The Association was founded in 2011 by two world leaders in waste management – Veolia and Remondis. Since then our association has grown and replenished with new strong market players.
Today we have 15 members – the best companies in our industry. All of them being trusted and respected by their clients and have an impeccable business reputation.

ISWA (International Solid Waste Association)


ISWA – the International Solid Waste Association – is a global, independent and non-profit making association, working in the public interest and is the only worldwide association promoting sustainable, comprehensive and professional waste and resource management. ISWA is open to individuals and organisations from the scientific community, public institutions and public and private companies from all over the world working in the field or interested in waste and resource management. As the only worldwide waste association in this field, ISWA allows you to network with professionals, companies and institutional representatives on a global scale. Being part of ISWA with its more than 1,300 members in over 100 countries, gives you an unparalleled access to international organisations.

ISWA Young Professionals Group in Ukraine

ISWA young specialists logoISWA Young Professionals Group in Ukraine was established in 2017 as a representative office of the International Solid Waste Association (YPG ISWA) Young Professionals Group.

YPG ISWA in Ukraine brings together representatives of expert environment, private companies, scientific institutions, public organizations in field of waste management.

The purpose of ISWA Group of Young Professionals in Ukraine: to form a team of highly qualified waste management professionals, whose activities are aimed on development of this field in Ukraine, which increase their professional level, exchange experience and disseminate experience in their workplaces and in the community, implement joint waste management projects and promote ISWA international initiatives.

ISWA YPG's main activity in Ukraine is to increase the professional capacity of waste management professionals through the organization and holding of seminars, thematic discussions, educational excursions to waste management facilities, preparation of reference documents, reviews and recommendations, as well as events raising awareness. Some of the activities were implemented with the support of individual Ukrainian associations and companies in the field of waste management in Ukraine.

Central ISWA YPG was founded in 2013 and employs more than 107 professionals from 41 countries and regional offices of groups in Austria, Germany, Azerbaijan, Brazil, India, China, USA, Colombia.

Association of cities of Ukraine

Association of cities of Ukraine

Non-governmental organization of the heads of Ukrainian cities, which protects the legal rights and interests of the Association member-cities in state authorities. Today, the Association of Ukrainian Cities brings together 557 cities, towns and villages, in which lives more than 80% of Ukraine's population.

American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine


We are internationally oriented business community – the most active and effective in Ukraine. We represent leading business leaders and experts of 600+ Member organizations – the biggest investors and largest multinationals operating in Ukraine which contribute greatly to the state budget and creating opportunities for people in Ukraine to realize their potential. Being a non-governmental member-funded non-profit organization, it is without a doubt our Members are in the spotlight of all Chamber endeavors.

Hazardous Waste Disposal Companies Association

Hazardous Association

Hazardous Waste Disposal Companies Association unites enterprises that have all the necessary documents, resources and their own specialized equipment for the collection, storage, processing, disposal of hazardous waste. This is the only profile association of hazardous waste disposal companies in Ukraine, which was established in August 2014.
The Association's goal is primarily to ensure favorable business conditions in the territory of Ukraine and further development of a transparent market in the field of hazardous waste management.
The Association's mission:
Creation of a platform for the unification of all enterprises having their own production facilities.

Ukrvtorma Association


Ukrainian industrial and environmental association "Ukrtvorma" is the largest structure in the sphere of waste management. The association includes about 100 specialized procurement and processing enterprises of large, medium and small businesses located in all regions of Ukraine.

Ukrcement Association

ukrcement engThe Association of Cement Manufacturers of Ukraine was established from the Ukrainian Association of Enterprises and Organizations of the Cement Industry "Ukrcement". In January 2004, the Ukrainian Association of Enterprises and Organizations of the Cement Industry "Ukrcement" was reorganized from the Ukrainian Concern of Enterprises and Organizations of the Cement and Asbestos-cement Industry "Ukrcement" and became its legal successor. The mission of the Association is to actively protect the interests of the producers of clinker and cement of Ukraine and authoritative reflection of the views of the members of the Association in matters relating to the industry. Positioning of the industry as the leading force in the sustainable development of Ukraine.

Ukrainian Metall Scrap Association

UAVtormetUAVTormet is a non-governmental and non-profit association of enterprises, which is created to support and protect the interests of its members, taking into account relevant national interests. The Association directs its efforts primarily to represent and protect interests of its members in central and local legislative and executive bodies, coordinate the activities of business entities with scrap metal in the domestic and foreign markets, prioritize the supply of scrap metal to the Ukrainian producer, improve environmental situation in Ukraine.

Ukrainian Scrap Metal and Resources Association

The Association informs the public about problems in the area of harvesting, processing of scrap metal and ways to solve them, protects the legitimate rights of its members to state authorities, local governments, other legal entities in the area of scrap procurement and organizes and participates in exhibitions, seminars, meetings, conferences and other events on the procurement and processing of scrap metal.

Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration

Gerb Dnepropetrovskoi oblastiEcology and Natural Resources Department of Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration, which ensures the implementation of state and regional programs for environmental protection, preparation and implementation of the regional budget.



Official Partner

Coca‑Cola Beverages Ukraine Limited


FE “Coca‑Cola Beverages Ukraine Limited” is the leader of the non-alcoholic beverage industry in Ukraine and is a franchised bottler of The Coca‑Cola Company. Coca‑Cola Beverages Ukraine offers a diverse range of non-alcoholic beverages in sparkling, juice, water, tea and energy categories. The Company is committed to promoting sustainable development in order to create value for its business and for society. This includes providing products that meet the beverage needs of consumers, fostering an open and inclusive work environment, conducting its business in ways that protect and preserve the environment and contribute to the socio-economic development of the local communities. For more information visit our website

Media Partners


Ecology of the Enterprise magazine


The one and only publication of socially responsible business of practical ecology.
In 2018 in the magazine you`ll find: new introductions in legislation with clarification; documentation; certification; payments and reporting; waste management; job descriptions; judicial practice and working situations. We adopt the experience of the EU.

Medical Constructor
Medical Constructor logoMedical Constructor – is an analytical and enlightening project in the field of medical technologies, the best standards and practices for planning and design of health facilities. Which unite all aspects of the medical infrastructure, its internal links, legal and technical components. The project actualizes the creation of new transparent markets and services for the maintenance of healthcare facility.  Works on promoting the integrated provision of the infrastructure for the safe management of health care waste. Provides consulting services for introduction of Healthcare Waste Management.

Kazakhstan Waste Management Association «KazWaste»

KazWaste-logoKazWaste is an association created in 2013, which includes more than 50 companies and individual entrepreneurs whose activities are related to the collection, sorting, transportation, utilization, recycling and disposal of production and consumption wastes. The Association pursues the goals of forming and developing a modern waste management industry, strives to improve the habitat and opposes environmentally hazardous manufacturing practices and adverse disposal practices. KazWaste adheres to the concept of waste hierarchy, which determines the priority of minimization, recycling and processing of waste.

LLC Polymers

polymersThe LLC Polymers company was founded in 2004 and is engaged in the processing of plastics recycling and sale of secondary granular polymer raw materials.

Bioenergy in Ukraine

BiowattThe Internet platform for development of bioenergy market and renewable energy sources in Ukraine: the main news, reviews, analytics, interviews of industry experts, legislation, main trends, emerging technologies, videos.


EcoTown is the specialized resource for alternative energy in Ukraine.

- Every day we lose huge amount of money because of old and inefficient technologies
- Thousands tons of toxic waste polluting the water, which we drink and the air we breathe
- We can not live for a long time without energy resources imports from other countries.

EcoTown Mission:

- Improve the environmental situation in Ukraine
- Reduce energy dependence
- Promote the use of renewable energy and energy saving technologies.

Portal "The World of Waste"

Waste logo

The main activity of "The World of Waste" portal is the organization of information exchange between participants in the waste market. Announcements are posted in the electronic newsletter of "The World of Waste" website, in the mailing list via the "Atom" channel and on "Twitter".
"The World of Waste" is a permanent information partner of the most prominent events in the CIS on the problem of waste management.

Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce

PUCC engOne of the oldest bilateral chambers in Poland, which works since 1992 and aims to improve economic and cultural development of the Polish-Ukrainian relations. Our experience and skills combined with a professional approach to business partners allow us to realize the vision of an effective and efficient economic and cultural cooperation between Poland and Ukrain.

nadzvichaina situatsiia

It is a monthly publication with relevant and useful information on civil protection, fire and man-made safety, health and safety in all spheres of human life. The journal is for heads of institutions and organizations, persons who are responsible for safety, teachers, lectors, students and all who is interested in the topic safety.

Civil union "Bioenergy Association of Ukraine"

BAU logoCivil union "Bioenergy Association of Ukraine" was established in 2012 to create a common platform for cooperation on bioenergy market in Ukraine, as well as to provide accelerated and sustainable development of bioenergy. Among UABio members are 22 leading companies and over 20 recognized experts working in the field of bioenergy.

German-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK Ukraine)

German-Ukraine Trade AHKThe German-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK Ukraine)  is  part of a global network of German Chambers of Commerce  ( AHKs) that are numbered in about 92 countries at 140 locations. The Chamber has more than 120 member companies-investors from different countries of the world: Germany, Ukraine, Great Britain, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland,Turkey, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Japan.
The AHK Ukraine is the central business platform for development of German-Ukrainian economic relations. Our mission is to represent the interests of German business in Ukraine and support Ukrainian enterprises in their cooperation with Germany.

SE «UkrRTC «Energostal»

Energostal-logo англDesign of metallurgical and industrial enterprises of a full production cycle. Creation of new and reconstruction of existing "turnkey".
Research and development of modern technologies and equipment in the field of metallurgy, environmental protection, resource and energy conservation, waste management, process control systems.
Creation and modernization of gas exhaust ducts, gas cleaning systems, sewage treatment and recycling water supply.
Production of modern technological, environmental and energy-saving equipment.

Packinfo-logoThe information search packaging portal is a fast and convenient free search that will allow you to get a list of companies and their coordinates in a few clicks with the mouse to order the necessary packaging products: raw materials, packaging materials, packaging, equipment, various services.
Packinfo was created to enable a quick meeting of manufacturers, retailers and their potential customers.

Upakovka, magazine

Magazine “Upakovka”- professional magazine for producers and consumers of packaging. Since 1996, the team of editors and authors publish articles about market of packaging industry of Ukraine and the world, results researches of Ukrainian and foreign scientists, the most interesting achievements of companies and firms, the marketing research maked by specialist information-analytical center “Upakovka”. Subscribe printing or on-line version of the magazine can be in edition, on  WEB-site
Editors of magazine “Upakovka” and Club Packagers of  Ukraine hold annual events:
• conference “Packaging industry”;
• all-Ukrainian competition "Ukrainian packaging star, "Ukrainian label", "Packaging of the future";
• conference of Young Scientists "New packaging technologies;
• competition for students' scientific works "Golden chestnut.
Also, the magazine "Upakovka" is participant in various exhibitions and conferences - as a participant or informational sponsor. At the stand of the magazine "Upakovka" you can buy specialized literature.

Our experts are always open for those who are concerned about the development of the packaging industry. Please contact us, we will solve them together.

ESWET - European Suppliers of Waste-to-Energy Technology

ESWET-LogoESWET is the European association representing manufacturers in the field of Waste-to-Energy Technology. The main purpose of ESWET is to foster the development and the dissemination of the Waste-to-Energy Technology. ESWET also seeks to raise the awareness of the positive implications of the technology in terms of better waste management, energy and for the environment.


bukvy logoThe #Bykvu is Ukraine’s online-media covering key events in the country and all over the world. We deliver authentic journalism to all digital touch points including video formats and integrated social presence.  We attract 2.5 million digital visitors per month. #Bykvu is in the top 25 online media in the country.


Ukrainian Metall Scrap Association