Draft Business Program

Panel discussion. Environmental policy priorities. First results

Session 1. Modern equipment and machinery for separate collection and handling of waste
Session 2. IoT in waste management
Session 3. Sorting and recycling
Session 4. Waste disposal: MSW landfills, biogas, incineration, Waste-to-Energy
Session 5. Financing and investments in waste management

Individual negotiations with representatives of financial organizations

Conference "Industrial waste recycling"
• Mining & metallurgical, fuel & energy sectors
• Ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal market development prospects
• Agricultural, food industry and animal waste management
• The use of waste in the cement industry

Conference "Collection and disposal of hazardous waste"
• Hazardous waste and WEEE management
• Medical waste management
• Radioactive waste management

Block "Waste resources management in Ukrainian regions"

Block "Recycling of secondary raw materials: polymers, waste paper, cullet, tires and rubber goods"

Simultaneous translation will be provided during working sessions: Ukrainian / English / Russian languages