Business program 2019

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Panel discussion. National Waste Management Plan. First results

Session 1. Modern equipment and machinery for separate collection and handling of waste
Confirmed presentations from:
Budshlyakhmash (Ukraine), Cargotec Ukraine, Finncont (Finland), Avtek (Ukraine), Construction Machinery (Ukraine), Dressta (Poland), Elkoplast (Czech Republic), Hüffermann Transportsysteme (Germany)

Session 2. Waste sorting and recycling
Confirmed presentations from: Adarco Invest Petrosani (Romania), RIKO (Slovenia), M-U-T (Austria), Baltic Probiotics (Latvia), Alfa-Vet (Ukraine), Eggersmann (Germany), Presona (Sweden), Techobalt (Estonia), RIKO RT (Ukraine), Veolia, AVE-Ukraine

Session 3. Waste disposal: MSW landfills, biogas, incineration, Waste-to-Energy
Confirmed presentations from: SUEZ (France), Conveco SRL (Italy), FLASH-R (Ukraine), Ophi Production (Finland), SETCleanTech (Solid Environmental Technologies Oy, Finland), Weltum-Ukraine

CONFERENCE Industrial waste recycling”

- Mining & metallurgical and fuel & energy sectors
Supported by: Ukrmetallurgprom

Moderator: Alexander Kalenkov, President, Ukrmetallurgprom

- Ferrous and nonferrous scrap metal market
Supported by: Ukrainian Scrap Metal and Resources Association, Ukrainian Association of Secondary Metals "UAVtormet"
Moderator: Andrei Andreichikov, President, Ukrainian Scrap Metal and Resources Association

- Agricultural, food industry and animal waste management

- Construction and cement industries

Among participants of sessions and discussions: DTEK, Azovstal, Zaporizhstal, Yuzhkoks, Ukrmetallurgprom, UAVtormet, Metal-Expert, UAVtormetresurs, OPE Organic, SMF "Prodecologia", Ukrkoks, Ecology and Natural Resources Department of Donetsk Regional State Administration, "AcademResourceEnergyProject" Institute

WORKSHOP "How to establish an effective MSW treatment system in your community and coordinate it with regional waste management plans"


Session 4. Waste management: International experience, current state of market segments and prospects for their development in Ukraine
Confirmed speakers: JOSTRA Ltd (Lithuania), Zero Waste Alliance Ukraine / NGO O.ZERO

Session 5. Investment needs and financing of waste management projects in Ukrainian regions
Confirmed presentations from: International Finance Corporation

CONFERENCE "Recycling of secondary raw materials"
Supported by: “UKRVTORMA” Association, UKRPEC (Ukrainian Packaging and Ecological Coalition)
Moderator: Petro Semko, General Director, "UKRVTORMA" Association

- Polymers
- Waste paper
- Cullet
- Tires and rubber goods

Confirmed speakers: SMF "Prodecologia", Utilita, Presona, "UKRVTORMA" Association, Chem-Courier

CONFERENCE "Collection and disposal of hazardous waste"
- Hazardous, WEEE and batteries
- Medical
- Radioactive waste management

Moderator: Kirill Kosourov, Chairman of the Board, Hazardous Waste Disposal Companies Association

Confirmed speakers: Hazardous Waste Disposal Companies Association, Odessa State Interregional Special Combine

ROUND TABLE "Role of public organizations in the formation of waste management market in Ukraine"
Participants: UKRECOALLIANCE, VEOLIA, AVE – Ukraine, Seltic


! OPEN SEMINAR of RIKO, Slovenia

! OPEN SEMINAR of companies EGGERSMANN, Germany, OPE Organic, Ukraine

SEMINAR "Reforming of the waste management system in Donetsk region. Positive experience and development perspectives"
Organizer: Donetsk Regional State Administration, Department of Ecology

SEMINAR "Introduction of new waste management technologies in Dnipropetrovsk region"
Organizer: Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration, Department of Ecology

SEMINAR "Environmental activities of Kyiv region. Projects, resources, effect"
Organizer: Kyiv Regional State Administration, Department of Ecology

Simultaneous Ukrainian / English / Russian translation will be provided during working sessions

·         Ministry of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine

·         Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine

·         Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine

·         Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine

·         Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine

·         Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

·         Ministry of Health of Ukraine

·         State Ecological Inspection of Ukraine

·         The State Service of Ukraine on Food Safety and Consumer Protection

·         Regional State Administrations

·         Large industrial holdings