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10:00 - 11:30 Panel discussion. Formation of effective policy in the field of waste treatment

Maxim Barinov, Director, UKRECOALLIANCE Association
Olexandr Lymar, Waste Management Expert, Ukrainian Institute for the Future

Topics to be discussed:
Efficiency of the 2207-1-d framework bill on the waste management
• Bill "On state environmental control" and state control over the implementation of sanitary legislation
• Assessment of the waste management situation in Ukrainian regions
• What prevents the implementation of the National Waste Management Strategy? View of the real sector of the economy


- Oleh Bondarenko, Chairman of Committee on Environmental Policy and Nature Management of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
- Olena Koltyk, Director of the Waste Management and Environmental Safety Department, Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine
- Nataliia Khotsianivska, Deputy Minister of Community and Territory Development of Ukraine
Ivelina Dilovska, Project Director of APENA 2 project "Support to Ukraine in approximation of the EU Environmental Acquis (Air Quality, Waste Management)"

- Vitalii Postolenko, Head of the State Environmental Control of Industrial Pollution Department at State Environmental Inspection of Ukraine
- Pavlo Kozyrev, Head of the Ukrainian Small Towns Association
- Oleksandr Koroliuk, Director of Altvater-Kiev of VEOLIA concern
- Liashkevych Maksym, Director of Kyivkomunservis
- Armen Polatian, Director of Obukhovgorvtorresursy
- Joerg Steffen Meissner, Director of AEU

11:45 - 13:45 Round tableDevelopment of regional waste treatment plans: main issues and ways to solve them

ModeratorSvitlana Nemesh (Kolomiiets), coordinator of ISWA Young Professionals Group in Ukraine

Regional waste management plans are strategic planning documents that, taking into account the goals and targets set at the national level, should determine how infrastructure will develop and change approaches to waste treatment in the country's regions over the next 10 years.

Topics to be discussed:
• What challenges and problems do customers and developers of regional plans face in the process of working on them and joint search for ways to address these issues
• Proposals to central executive bodies on necessary changes in development of regional plans

Сonfirmed participants:
- Ruslan Strіlets, Deputy Minister for Digital Development, Digital Transformation and Digitization of Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine
- Oleksandr Marikovskyi, People's Deputy of Ukraine
Ihor Satin, Candidate of technical Sciences, Head of the Department of the State Enterprise "Research and Design Institute of Municipal Economy"
Andrii Kibets, Director of "Ukrainian Research Institute for Development and Implementation of Utility Programs and Projects" LLC
Fedir Luchenko, Adviser to the Kharkiv mayor
Olena Koltyk, Director of the Waste Management and Environmental Safety Department, Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine
- Tetiana Omelianenko, Candidate of economic sciences, Independent expert on waste treatment issues
Viacheslav Sorokovskyi, Expert on decentralization and public services, DESPRO Project
Dmytro Laznenko, Expert Consultant of the DESPRO Project on waste treatment
Andrii Hnap, CEO Waste Ukraine
- Iryna Nikolayeva, Ph.D., Environmental Safety Expert, OSCE Project Consultant

14:00 - 15:00 Case. Development of a regional waste management plan on the example of Lviv region

Organizers: Eggersmann GmbH (Germany), OPE organic, Public utility enterprise “Zelene misto”

Part 1. Separate collection and composting of organic matter as a way to reduce waste that falls into landfills and provokes fires: the experience of Lviv

Speaker: Sviatoslav Yevtushenko, Director of Public utility enterprise “Zelene misto”

  How the process of composting organic waste is implemented in Lviv - from theory to practice
  Organic waste management: why the population needs to be taught to get organic to composting (working with separate collection containers)
  Composting site in Lviv - how everything works
  How separate organic collection is organized: features of waste collection and disposal, advantages and challenges
  Compost realization: present and prospects
  Tariff for composting: why it is more profitable to process organic matter than to bury it
  Organiс promo: how to motivate residents in Lviv to sort organic waste - from free recycling to affordable compost
  Answers to participants' questions

Part 2. Resolving issues with waste generated and reclamation of existing landfills. Mobile solutions from Eggersmann GmbH, which already operate in Ukraine.
Support program for Ukraine in 2021 from Eggersmann GmbH and OPE organic

Volodymyr Malynovskyi, Head of Project, OPE organic
Serhii Prokopenko, Representative of Eggersmann GmbH in Ukraine (mobile machinery)

  Should we build a plant or buy modern economical and powerful equipment? Let’s consider the options and make a balanced choice
  How to reduce investment in waste recycling by 5-10 times
  The most economical method of processing organic from available ones in the world
  The launch of the first organic waste composting station in Ukraine in 2020 began its work
  Support of Ukrainian utilities in 2021 with the most modern equipment and qualified staff from Eggersmann GmbH
  Actions of Eggersmann GmbH in Ukraine. Exchange of experience and real results of 2020
  Answers to participants' questions

15:15 – 16:15 Special session 1. Equipment, technologies and current status of waste management segments

Machinery for transshipment of scrap metal solid waste
Olaf Kiewitz, Sales manager, Baljer & Zembrod, Germany

Max Aicher - a solution to logistics problems in waste management
Dimitri Wiegel, Max Aicher, Germany

Waste management as a component of environmentally-oriented enterprise management
Olexandra Tarnovskaya, Director, Invest Finance Company

New legislation in the field of medical waste management - Bill 2207-1-d
Vladyslav Smirnov, Managing Partner and Founder - Medical Constructor, Member of the Board of Trustees – OKHMATDET

Refinancing of projects from JSC TASCOMBANK within current international programs
Andriy Kudinov, Deputy Head of VIP Corporate Client Department (Energy Sector), TASCOMBANK

16:30 – 18:00 Special session 2. Recycling of main types of secondary raw materials

Moderator: Olexandr Lymar, Waste Management Expert, Ukrainian Institute for the Future

Session sections:
  Legislative initiatives and state policy in the field of production, use and import of secondary raw materials
  Recycling enterprises experience: issues and prospects
  Modern recycling technologies and equipment

- Petro Semko, General Director, Ukrvtorma Association
- Volodymyr Slabyi, Chairman, UkrPEC
- Sviatoslav Yevtushenko, Director, Green City
- Vladyslav Zakrevskyi, representative in Ukraine, CHANG WOEN MACHINERY
- Yurii Plyshak, Director, Elbor-M