Participants’ feedback:

"Thank you for the excellent organization of the exhibition.
The event was useful for us indeed as it has allowed us to see the general picture / situation of the waste management in Ukraine and to communicate with market participants. This can be done only by being on the spot"

Ljuba Stepanova, Cross Wrap

"Thank you again for the opportunity to participate in the business program! There were some notable ideas and ways to implement them. Probably in the future we will arrange many other events with yours and ISWA's help. I look forward to further cooperation."

Iryna Mogyr, Ragn-Sells

"The event helped us a lot and we would take part in 2017, if the situation in Ukraine will be like it is now or better (in our business)."

Hannes Tschirpke, Presona

"It is gratifying to hear that the Government of Ukraine has in plan to approve the national waste management strategy."

 Marius Ghete, Europlast Romania

"Thank you again for the exhibition organization. All the representatives of organizers' team showed courtesy and willingness to help when required.
The event was certainly useful for us. We've got quite a lot of contacts. Also the large number of people from the municipalities was pretty impressive."

Jemal Surmanidze, TOMRA Sorting

"First of all I did enjoy my stay in Kiev very much and you organising the event. It was very professional and informative."

Albert Schoefbeck, Sims Recycling Solutions

"You have prepared and conducted an interesting, businesslike and cosy exhibition. The business program was intense and well-organized. There were many experts from countries with economies similar to the Ukrainian: Romania, Croatia and Turkey. I wish your team successful events in the future."

 Gennediy Dubov, Granik

"Thank you for the good organization of the exhibition, it was quite useful for us. We had a lot of contacts. We will attend it next year again."

Elena Rudich, Tehnix

"The event in Kiev was from my point of view a success!"

Alexei Atudorei, ISWA