Confirmed participants 02.10.19 Part 2

1.All.WM● Polymer Techbud (Ukraine) - Polymer processing

 KSK - AUTOMATION (Ukraine) - Process Automation

 REY BROVARY (Ukraine) - The provision of services for the collection, storage, processing, disposal and disposal of waste I - IV hazard classes

● PHOENIX-VTORRESURS (Ukraine) - Recovery of sorted waste; Collection, primary processing of waste and scrap of precious metals and precious stones

● Ukrbioecology (Ukraine) - Waste disposal

● INSIL DEUTSCHLAND (Germany) - Waste management technology

ECO-UA (Ukraine) - Incinerators for household and industrial waste

● Egis Ukraine (Ukraine) - Engineering

Chyste Misto Dniprodzerzhinsk (Ukraine) - Recycling of raw materials

Olrit (Ukraine) - MSW management

● PWCompany (Ukraine) - Recycling of plastic and wood waste into composite materials

 ESCO Ukraine - Energy service company

HENMARK INDUSTRIAL LIMITED (Nigeria) - Collection / Transportation Services; Sorting / Recycling / Utilization services

Ecotechplasma (Ukraine) - High temperature waste disposal

NDKTI MG (Ukraine) - Department of public works, landscaping of settlements and management of household waste

● Verenia (USA) - Software CRM and CPQ

Ecosfera (Ukraine) - Waste collection and utilization

● VUKG, Nezhin city (Ukraine) - Utility company. Waste collection, removal and disposal services

Industrial enterprises:

● Krivbaszhelezrudkom (Ukraine) - Mining and quarrying (mining of iron ore)

● Dneprokommuntrans (Ukraine) - Waste collection and transportation

● INTERPIPE DNIPROVTORMET (Ukraine) - Industrial enterprise. Vertically integrated holding

Local authorities:

● Kyivrada (Ukraine)

● Lviv Regional State Administration (Ukraine)

● State Environmental Inspection of Ukraine

Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Energy and Housing and Communal Services

Confirmed participants 02.10.19 Part 1

1.All.WM● Olympias Group (Ukraine) - Agriculture

 Aurora (Ukraine) - Agriculture

 RST (Ukraine) - Waste management

● Ecola (Ukraine) - IT-solutions for waste management

● TCU (Ukraine) - Logistics

● Diason (Ukraine) - Equipment production

● Elbor- M (Ukraine) - Production of PVC plastic compounds and compounds, mineral-filled compounds from polyethylene, recycling

Sana-Trade (Ukraine) - Recycling, granulation, manufacturing of plastic products

NANOEKOMIR (Ukraine) - Organization of waste transportation and management

Logoplast (Ukraine) - Production of solid plastic containers

● Municipal institution "Mykolaiv Development Agency" (Ukraine) - Introduction of separate waste collection on the basis of municipal institutions (schools, kindergartens, hospitals), solid waste management

Industrial enterprises:

● Kalush pipe factory (Ukraine) - Industrial enterprise. Polymer pipe production

● Altynalmas (Kazakhstan) - Gold mining and processing

● Кryukovsky railway car building works (Ukraine) - Metallurgical Plant. Car building

 Belotserkovsky plant of preparative forms (Ukraine) - Industrial enterprise. Manufacture of plant protection products

Local authorities:

● Association "Energy Efficient Cities of Ukraine" (EECU) - Association of Local Government

● Korosten City Council (Ukraine)

Confirmed participants 27.09.19 Part 1

1.All.WMPoltava gas & oil company (Ukraine) - Oil and gas activities

Edyna mriia (Ukraine) - Public organization

Global Communities (USA) - Local communities development

DOPSP DOR (Ukraine) - Waste management

Clear Energy (Ukraine) - Electricity production from RES

VTORMA UA (Ukraine) - Secondary raw materials recycling

MD group LLC (Ukraine) - Environmental Development Consulting

FF TOV KPD (Ukraine) - Processing of secondary polyethylene

Pedagog-1 (Ukraine) - House and adjoining areas servicing

Ecosvit Recycling (Ukraine) - Waste processing of cable-conductor products, purchase of waste

TAMIZ SHAHAR (Azerbaijan) - Waste management

Ukrtatnafta (Ukraine) - Oil refining

Velveturi (Ukraine) - Ecological consulting

Ecoindustrys (Ukraine) - Waste recycling; Sale of incineration equipment

ORGANIK UKRAINE - Non-hazardous waste treatment and disposal

Eco-Formation (Ukraine) - Environmental services

Saint-Gobain (Germany) - Manufacture of refractory materials

Confirmed participants 27.09.19 Part 2

1.All.WM CIFINENSO (Malta) - Waste management

CENTER FOR RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT (Ukraine) - Non-governmental organization of environmental orientation

Insinööritoimisto Gradientti Oy (Finland) - Environmental Engineering Consulting

Viplast Ukraine - Polymers recycling

Invest Finance Company - Building

● Public environmental platform - Public and expert activities in the field of environmental safety

Viplast Ukraine - Polymers recycling

Local authorities:

●  Department of Public Utilities and Public Works of Vinnytsia City Council (Ukraine)

Pinsk city Executive Committee (Belarus) - Provision of housing and communal services, processing, sorting and use of solid municipal waste

Diplomatic representatives:

Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia

Swedish Business Association in Ukraine (Ukraine) - Boost business relations between Sweden and Ukraine

Embassy of Finland

Industrial enterprises:

Rubezhnoye Cardboard & Package Mill (Ukraine) - Production of cardboard, corrugated board and paper

Chernobyl NPP (Ukraine) - Industrial enterprise. Nuclear energy

Confirmed participants 25.09.19

1.All.WMFeednova (Ukraine) - Production of animal proteins and nutritional supplements

● GLOSAR (Ukraine) - Processing waste into liquid alternative fuel

● Alpha Green Tech (Egypt) - Waste collections and PET recycle

● Untha Shredding technology (Austria) - Production of shredders

● PFAN (Ukraine) - Clean Energy Project Financing

BG GROUP (Ukraine) - Separate collection of secondary raw materials services

● NGO "Green Box" (Ukraine) - Educational activities, work towards separate waste collection

VIP-2009 (Ukraine) - Recycling of plastic waste

● PBN Hill+Knowlton Strategies (Ukraine) - Strategic communications

● Waste Management Center (Ukraine) - Hazardous waste utilization

Energoinvest (Ukraine) - BC operation

● Ecomed Eastern Europe SRL (Romania) - Waste management

● Biller Impex Industrieprodukten (Germany) - Equipment for the processing of unsolid waste

SHW-SHS (Germany) - Handling technics

GÖKŞİN (Turkey) - Contructor

● Planet Plastic (Ukraine) - Polymers recycling

Dalgakiran Compressor Ukraine - Equipment for polymer processing

● TH Plastmas-Prylucky (Ukraine) - Production of pvc compounds

Altpapir (Ukraine) - Offices ecoadaptation

● KESZ-UA Holding (Ukraine) - General contracting construction company

Local authorities:

● Ivankiv District State Administration (Ukraine)

● Mykolaiv village council of the Sumy region (Ukraine)

Myrogoshchanske United territorial community (Ukraine)

● Slobozhanska United territorial community (Ukraine) - Department of Housing and Communal Services

Sosnytska United territorial community (Ukraine)

Municipal utilities:

● Olshanskoe (Ukraine) - Utility company. Services for the collection and removal of solid waste