Confirmed participants 19.07.19

1.All.WM RegionsTrade (Ukraine) - Disposal of MSW

I.FRANTZIS and ASSOCIATES Ltd. (Greece) - Technical consulting, design and project management for environmental protection and waste management

Adicomp (Italy) - Compressors' supplier, biogas technologies, radioactive waste management

HSM GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) - Developer and manufacturer of baling presses, equipment for the destruction (crushing) of paper and electronic media

Public Organization "No Waste" (Ukraine)

Hazardous Waste Disposal Companies Association (Ukraine) - Association

Hodna environment and recycling (Algeria) - Hazardous and municipal waste management

Local authorities:

Berdyansk City Council (Ukraine)

Novopolotsk City Executive Committee (Belarus)

Municipal utilities:

Biomehzavod household resources (Belarus) - Sorting and recycling of waste

Kyivspectrans (Ukraine) - Services for waste transportation, utilization and recycling