Confirmed participants 02.08.19

1.All.WM International Finance Corporation

 Weglo Stal (Poland) - MSW leachate treatment

 F.X. Meiller (Ukraine) - Manufacturer of machinery for the construction and waste management industries

 Tomra Sorting (Germany) - Optical sorting equipment

 Scientific and manufacturing firm "Prodecologia" (Ukraine) - Production and sale of equipment for sorting, recycling, disposal

NEW Exhibitors:

 SETCleanTech (Solid Environmental Technologies Oy) (Finland) - Complex waste recycling and Waste to Energy projects

 SIGMA S.A. (Poland) - Waste sorting technologies

 Hüffermann Transportsysteme GmbH (Germany) - Manufacturer of truck trailers for skip and roll-off/on containers

Local authorities:

Pokrovsk City Council of Donetsk Region (Ukraine)

Chernihiv Regional State Administration (Ukraine)