Confirmed participants 16.08.19

1.All.WM River Group (Ukraine) - Recycling of secondary raw materials

ECOTEK-OIL (Ukraine) - Waste recycling

 Ukrainian waste paper company - Collection and sale of secondary raw materials

 Obuhovgortorresources (Ukraine) - Collection, sorting, processing of MSW and secondary raw materials

Smartex (Ukraine) - Engineering in the field of processing hydrocarbon waste, organics, plastic

 Alternative energy vector (Ukraine) - Energy saving in waste processing technologies and in other industries

NEW Exhibitors:

Waste Paper Trade (The Netherlands) - Recycling of paper and plastic waste

Industrial enterprises:

 HeidelbergCement Ukraine - Cement production

New Products Group (Ukraine) - Food production

 Bilotserkivskii mechanical plant (Ukraine) - Production and sale of collection / removal equipment

Local authorities:

 Ternopil Regional State Administration (Ukraine)

Mariupol City Council (Ukraine)