Confirmed participants 30.08.19

1.All.WM Eco Podillia (Ukraine) - Collecting and sorting of secondary raw materials

 Renaissance Medical (Ukraine) - Medical equipment selling

 Ecotech Ukraine - Computer, office, home appliances: repair, engineering, recycling, ecological services

Recycle Pro (Belarus) - Collection and processing of waste containing precious metals, recycling of electronic equipment

 PPV Knowledge Networks (Ukraine) - Economic development agency that creates and develops businesses and business networks. The key priorities are the green economy and the creative economy

 Agrospetspererabotka (Ukraine) - Production of animal feeds, processing of food, meat and fishery wastes

 Pieringer Abfall Verwertung (Austria) - Waste recycling; international logistics in the field of export of waste, processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, paper and various plastics

Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education (Ukraine)

Industrial enterprises:

 Subsidiary Enterprise “Zhashkiv Heavy Machinery Plant” PJSC “SIC “Bolshevik” (Ukraine) - Rubber treatment and recycling equipment

 First Kyiv Machine-buildind Plant (Ukraine) - Rubber treatment and recycling equipment