Confirmed participants 06.09.19

1.All.WM Tov.Vest Agro Group (Ukraine) - Waste utilization

Enso (Ukraine) - Development 

 NTM (Finland) - Waste collection vehicles (design, development, production, maintenance)

Business Solution Group (Ukraine) - Wholesale trade of waste and scrap

 Ecorec (CRH Group) (Austria) - Production of alternative fuels for the cement industry

 IS Ltd (Ukraine) - Solutions for the compressed gas market

 Institute of Design “Comfortbud” (Ukraine) - Designing, engineering, construction, 3D modeling, design

 Strabag (Ukraine) - Environmental Protection Technologies

 Business Solution Group (Ukraine) - Trading activities in the field of paper recycling

 Institute "GIRHIMPROM" (Ukraine) Design, engineering

 Freedom Finance (Ukraine) - Investment company

 Studsvik Inc (USA) - Nuclear Decommissioning and Waste Management, repositories and disposal

NEW Exhibitors:

 Storehouses Modernization Systems (Ukraine) - Production and sale of equipment for sorting / processing / disposal

 PRONAR (Poland) - Co-exhibitor of Budshliakhmash. Supplier of road, construction, municipal equipment, as well as spare parts for it

Industrial enterprises:

 TAK-Agro (Ukraine) - Agriculture

Nyva Pereyaslavshchyny (Ukraine) Agriculture

Public authorities:

 Humentsi United Territorial Community (Ukraine)

 Dolyna City Council (Ukraine)

 Department of Industrial Policy of the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine